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Enjoy a week's worth of delicious and healthy meals with our Gourmet Meal Prep Bundle. This package includes 5 gourmet meals carefully crafted by Chef Dre, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Each meal is made fresh on the day of delivery to guarantee maximum freshness and flavor. With this you get 1 protein in 2 marinade options, 1 veggie, 1 carb

Gourmet 5 Meal Prep Bundle

  • Marinate Types

    CHICKEN: Pesto, Southwest, Mediterranean, Chimichurri, Stirfry Teriyaki, Curry, Hibachi

    SHRIMP: Pesto,Cajun, Curry, Hibachi, Sweet and Spicy 

    SALMON: Blackened, Mediterranean, Teriyaki Glaze, Miso

    STEAK: Chimichurri, Stirfry Teriyaki, Hibachi 

    GROUND TURKEY: Insideout Egg Roll Style , Hibachi, Southwest

    TILAPIA: Mediterranean, Blackened, Pesto

    TOFU: Teriyaki, Mongolian Style, Curry

  • Meal Prep Details

    Each 32oz container contains:

    6oz  protein, 1 cup of vegetables,

    1/2  cup of carbs

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