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Enjoy a month of delicious and healthy meals with our 4-week subscription. Each week, you'll receive 2 protein , 2 veggie, 2 carb optprepared by Chef Dre using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. With two delivery days per week, you can count on freshness and variety in every meal. Don't miss out on this convenient and affordable way to eat well!

4 week Gourmet Meal Prep Subscription

Price Options
Subscribe and save
$135 weekly . To cancel email 72hrs prior to charge date
$135.00every week until canceled
  • Meal Prep Details

    4 WEEK MIN subscription 

    $135 weekly, cancel anytime after 4 week subscription, email 72 hrs prior to payment date

    Each 32oz container contains:

    6oz  protein, 1 cup of vegetables,

    1/2  cup of carbs

  • Marinate Types

    CHICKEN: Pesto, Southwest, Mediterranean, Chimichurri, Stirfry Teriyaki, Curry, Hibachi

    SHRIMP: Pesto,Cajun, Curry, Hibachi, Sweet and Spicy 

    SALMON: Blackened, Mediterranean, Teriyaki Glaze, Miso

    STEAK: Chimichurri, Stirfry Teriyaki, Hibachi 

    GROUND TURKEY: Insideout Egg Roll Sty, Hibachi, Southwest

    TILAPIA: Mediterranean, Blackened, Pesto

    TOFU: Teriyaki, Mongolian Style, Curry

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