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Enjoy 10 meals total. Pick 2 proteins, 2 veggies and 2 carbs

5 meals delivered on Sunday, 5 more delivered fresh on wed

10 meal package

  • Marinate types

    CHICKEN: Pesto, Southwest, Mediterranean, Chimichurri, Stirfry Teriyaki, Curry, Hibachi

    SHRIMP: Pesto,Cajun, Curry, Hibachi, Sweet and Spicy 

    SALMON: Blackened, Mediterranean, Teriyaki Glaze, Miso

    STEAK: Chimichurri, Stirfry Teriyaki, Hibachi 

    GROUND TURKEY: Insideout Egg Roll Sty, Hibachi, Southwest

    TILAPIA: Mediterranean, Blackened, Pesto

    TOFU: Teriyaki, Mongolian Style, Curry


  • Meal Prep Details

    Each 32oz container contains:

    6oz  protein, 1 cup of vegetables,

    1/2  cup of carbs

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